Our Vision

Energy Tradesource's vision is to become a recognised global broker of equipment for the Oil, Gas and Mining sector by helping businesses achieve their project-specific goals. Offering tailored solutions and sourcing from a portfolio of recognised suppliers that offer top quality products at prices exclusive to Energy Tradesource.

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Energy Tradesource Pty Ltd is an established worldwide broker of equipment for the Oil, Gas and Mining industry. With a cross-disciplinary team of engineers and a portfolio of suppliers from across the globe, we generate customised solutions tailored for your specific business needs. We manage the whole procurement life-cycle; source, supply and deliver top quality products to your doorstep.

Our portfolio of suppliers allows us to build solutions that rely on top quality, innovative and long life-span parts and goods, ensuring we deliver high performing solutions that will stand the test of time.

Energy Tradesource Pty Ltd is active in North America, South America, United Kingdom, Europe and Australia. Headquarters in Sydney, Australia.